Omni-Channel Retailing: Integrated Shopping Experiences Elevate Customer Retention

about the company

A well-known retail giant in Europe has always stood for trust and quality. For over 15 years, they’ve operated both brick-and-mortar stores and an online platform, offering everything from top fashion brands to daily needs. For them, shopping is more than just buying – it’s an experience. 


Boost in Customer Retention Rates


Increased Cross-Channel Sales


Uplift in Average Order Value


Improvement in Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

The Challenge

In today’s world, shoppers want to move easily between online browsing, mobile apps, and in-store purchases. But this retail giant found that their systems couldn’t offer a smooth experience.

Problems like different prices on their website and in stores, or items showing as available online but sold out in stores, were becoming common. These issues were not only driving customers away but were also harming the brand’s strong reputation for great service.

What Atlaxer did

Atlaxer saw a need for a connected shopping experience across all ways customers interact with the brand. We started by linking all the inventory systems. This made sure that what shoppers saw online matched what was in stores.

Next, we created a single pricing system. This meant prices were the same, whether you shopped online, on mobile, or in-person. We also added a “Synced Basket” feature. Shoppers could now add products online and check out in-store or vice versa. We didn’t forget about the in-store experience either. We added digital screens offering product details, reviews, and even an option to order online.


The changes made a big difference. Customer loyalty went up by 35% as they enjoyed the smoother shopping journey. Easy movement between online and store shopping led to a 50% jump in sales across both. With clearer pricing and better online-offline links, people were buying more, pushing the average order value up by 28%. The brand’s online sites saw 15% more visitors, and overall, customers were 40% happier with their shopping experience.

  • 35% Boost in Customer Retention Rates
  • 50% Increased Cross-Channel Sales
  • 28% Uplift in Average Order Value
  • 15% Growth in Online Traffic
  • 40% Improvement in Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

Technologies Used

React Native
Google Cloud Platform

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